Delivering impactful training and development projects is incredibly tough. Unfortunately, most Learning & Development professionals ignore their biggest hurdle: their own mind.

Research shows that humans are not as logical as we want to believe. Our brains are hard coded to fall victim to cognitive biases and mental mistakes. But these glitches provide us an opportunity. Hacking how we think can help us succeed while others make mistakes.

Here are the top 3 mental hacks for LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONALS.

1) Planning Fallacy

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People are biased to underestimate the amount of time or effort a project will take.

In L&D, this leads us to believe our projects are a lot easier and faster to accomplish.

Hack = Automatically double your first estimates on length of time and effort for a project.

2) Status Quo Bias

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There is a natural tendency for people to prefer the status quo as opposed to change. Unfortunately, what worked in the past might not be what works in the current situation.

In L&D, that means we feel more comfortable with what has worked for us in the past. We end up trying to fit old solutions onto new problems.

Hack = Imagine what kind of solution you would create if the current approach isn’t available.


3) Parkinson’s Law of Triviality

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People spend time and effort on trivial issues. While spending insufficient time and effort on critical issues.

In L&D, too much time is spent on things like name, logos, and ppt designs. While, not enough time is spent on connecting programs to business metrics.

Hack = Discuss which topics are the most critical, and schedule all the less critical decisions for later.

What if I’m not a Learning & Development Professional?

No matter who you are, you can also use these mental hacks for learning & development professionals. So don’t glitch. Hack your way to success.

Interested in Learning about Mental Hacks and Cognitive Biases?

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