5 questions to ask before your next meeting

If your calendar looks like mine, there is just no time to sit in all your meetings and do all the work that is expected of you. Obviously one solution is just to say ‘No’ to more meetings, but having fewer meetings might not be possible for your situation. If you cannot say ‘No’ or delegate your meetings, then you can still save your precious time by improving the effectiveness of your meetings. And I’ve found that the best way to hold effective meetings is stop having ad hoc meetings, and instead prepare for your meetings by asking these 5 questions.

5 ways of dealing with conflict

In this article we will introduce the 5 conflict mindsets, and how you can use these mindsets to manage your conflicts in a more positive and professional manner. In the end, the goal of this article is for you to manage a conflict as painlessly as possible so that both parties are stronger, wiser, and able to move on.

How to Build Trust in all your relationships

A successful team is built off strong relationships, and there is no way you can succeed if your colleagues do not trust each other. Build your trust by how you relate to people (sensitive trust) and by having a proven track record (sensible trust). You can also improve your trust by pulling the different leavers of the trust equation. Without the trust of your team you will not succeed.

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