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About Caveman in a Suit | Cary Bailey-Findley

About Caveman in a Suit

Cary Bailey-Findley

Caveman in a Suit - Cary Bailey-Findley

Caveman in a Suit: I have a passion for psychology and business, and that led me to fall in love with Human Resource Management. After years of work, I never lost my passion for the science behind it all. And that is why I love spending my free time writing these articles.

Our History:

Human thinking and behavior fascinates us, and it has always triggered us to understand why we do the things we do. Especially when we realized that the corporate world of critical thinking and decisiveness is actually a cauldron of irrationality. We like to see ourselves as sophisticated modern business leaders, but the reality is we are closer to Cavemen in Suits.

We have read all the management books, countless journals and blogs, but we felt like there was a something missing. We were missing the writers who could look through it all, sift through the BS/jargon, and find the real nuggets of wisdom.

We wanted someone to translate the science behind human behavior and leadership into practical terms. We wanted someone to take the piss out of long held management myths. We wanted to laugh and learn.

At some point we got tired of waiting for someone else to do it, and so Caveman in a Suit was born. We hope you enjoy it.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to help people (especially leaders) make fewer dumb decisions.

We do this by using science to challenge the common myths and irrational thoughts within our businesses. We want to challenge what we think we know, while laughing at what we don’t. We want to provoke discussions and stimulate self improvement.

We do this mainly through our different articles, but we are also willing to talk with you about helping your company. In the end, we want to help you realize that you are just a Caveman/woman in a suit.

Caveman in a Suit

If YOU want to start thinking like a Caveman, Contact Us!

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