Virtual Team Activities: Four-Word Snapshot

Four-Word Snapshot Overview:

  • Objective = To understand the current mood of the team at the start of meetings.
  • Team Size = Any group size will work
  • Time = 5-10 mins
  • Difficulty = Easy
  • Materials Required = No
  • Preparation Required = No
  • Technology Required = Shared document and video/phone conferencing,

Virtual Team Activities: Four-Word Snapshot

Why you should run this for your team

When we are all in the same office, it is easy to see someone’s mood, but in virtual teams people’s moods are not always evident. That is why we need to start meetings with a quick check in to see how everyone is doing. While it is easy to just go around the room, and ask how everyone is doing, we having everyone provide a four word snapshot of their current mood.

Virtual Team Activities: Four-Word Snapshot

Step 1 – Have the team members reflect on how they are feeling (2 mins)

At the start of your meeting, have everyone take a few minutes to think about how they are feeling at this specific moment. What is making them happy and excited? What is making them stressed or anxious? Whatever they are feeling, they need to capture those feelings in 4 words.

Virtual Team Activities: Four-Word Snapshot

Step 2 – Use a shared document to capture each person’s Four-Word Snapshot (2 mins)

On a shared document, have each person write down how they are feeling in four words (plus their name). The Four Word Snapshot can take many different forms. Be creative and have some fun with it.

  • Keep it Simple = “I am feeling fine”
  • List Your Feelings = “tired, stressed, overwhelmed, cranky”
  • Tell a Story = “Baby insomniac… Need nap”

Virtual Team Activities: Four-Word Snapshot

Step 3 – Quickly review everyone’s Four-Word Snapshot (5 mins)

This exercise is not meant to be a deep dive into how everyone is feeling, but rather an opportunity to understand where the group stands. If people are excited and in a good mood, then recognize it and use it to kickoff your meeting. If people are stressed and not in the right mindset, you might want to address some of those topics before jumping into the rest of the meeting agenda.

Virtual Team Activities: Four-Word Snapshot

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